Friday, April 18, 2008

Short-fuse MacKay snaps under NDP questioning

The give and take of question period isn’t always enlightening. Opposition members are frequently out to embarrass the minister, with the government side trying to turn the tables.

But yesterday, defence minister Peter MacKay shocked everyone by bizarrely turning the tables to embarrass himself instead.

The questions, coming from the NDP’s Dawn Black and Catherine Bell on funding for the air force and coastal search and rescue couldn’t have been more straight forward.

And MacKay’s replies couldn’t have been more over-the-top, eschewing his minister’s briefing books to instead regurgitate frat boy epithets about “communists” and “nudists".

What is it about strong New Democrat women that turns MacKay so spiteful?

Of course, this isn’t the first time the number one customer of Pictou County Rental Dogs has stooped to indignity under questioning by a female NDP critic. It will be recalled that MacKay bellowed that Halifax MP Alexa McDonough should to “stick to her knitting” during the 2006 election.

Canada’s defence minister: a five-star frat-boy hopelessly out of his depths.

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Anonymous said...

The phrase "stick[ing] to one's knitting" isn't usually sexist since it suggests that a person keep doing what s/he does best.

MacKay seems to have difficulty wearing the mantle of minister of the Crown. Maybe after the next week off, he'll be in better form.