Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meet the new boss ...

... same as the old boss.

Fraud, deny, investigate. Repeat.

The black and white cats of Tommy Douglas' Mouseland never seemed as alive as they do right now.

The same goes for the need for real change in Ottawa.

UPDATE: Interestingly, Susan Delacourt points to yet another eerie coincidence.


Jaytoo said...

Giddyup. For both cats, it seems, "cleaning up" means burying their poo -- obscuring corruption, not ending it.

That, and obscuring connections to corporate interests -- those ultimate feeders of kibble, changers of litter and holders of the leash.

Yet after a certain point, the whole house just reeks.

Malcolm+ said...

The worst part is watching certain mice campaigning so hard on behalf of the red cats because the blue cats are mouse-eaters.

Of course, Basil Hargrove, Liberal Lizze May, Mad Maudie Barlow et al aren't so much mice as they are little white lab rats who've had their brains removed in some horrible experiment.