Thursday, April 24, 2008

The one where Paul Wells says what we are all thinking

Sometimes it happens. And this is one of those times.

Paul Wells has said what we've all been thinking -- this time dismissing Elizabeth May's role as Stephane Dion's "auxiliary backup party leader".

With honesty simultaneously refreshing and exclamation-mark-rich, the Inkless one intones: "THE GREEN PARTY OF CANADA HAS NO SEATS IN PARLIAMENT!!! ... It feels unaccountably more rewarding to pay attention to people with power than to pay attention to people without power."

The Green Party, it will be recalled, has been available for comment since 1982. And yet it has historically merited barely a paragraph of press outside elections. So really, why all the attention now, pollsters, journos and pundits alike?

Is it because suddenly they have a leader whose stated raison d'etre is to have another party form a government, and another party leader become Prime Minister? Is it because Greens are inexplicably seeking common cause with the Liberal Party, and Liberals are doing the same for May - punctuated by a fatuous comparison to Barack Obama?

Treating May as an objective political actor, particularly after her most recent role, is the same as believing "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" were interested in truth.

Wells puts it more bluntly, suggesting the unconvinced ask themselves if it's "really fair for the Liberal leader, who thinks the Liberal leader must at all costs be prime minister, to be joined onstage by a special auxiliary backup party leader who also thinks the Liberal leader must at all costs be prime minister."

For his part, Wells says "NO" (exclamation marks redacted).


janfromthebruce said...

Leader Post says "-- the new Green Party president, Kelly Patrick, who was a long-time Liberal supporter, but grew disgruntled with her old party under David Karwacki's leadership. Whether that's really enough to sway life-long Liberals -- the ones who stayed put 10 years ago during the creation of the Saskatchewan Party -- to switch allegiances seems highly doubtful."

I guess that find puts another point on Wells assessment that May is junior liberal.

Hats off to Wells for the SHOUT OUT!

Blogging Horse said...


Then there's venerable pencilist Jeffery Simpson. His column today repeats the tired dogma that the NDP is threatened by the Greens. But Jeff is wrong.

As the Leader Post story shows, the Greens are the protest party of choice for disgruntled Liberals and homeless Red Tories who would never vote NDP.

Strange: Why doesn't Jeff read Wells' blog?

Jimmie said...


Can this be the same Jeffrey Simpson whose son Tait works as a press flack for the Liberal Party of Canada?

Er, indeed it is.