Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Liberals can't defend their victim defence

Idealistic Pragmatist has got it goin' on.

Chief among the blatant falsehoods Liberal partisans tell each other (and unfortunately the media) is that "the NDP only attacks Liberals ... not Harper."

IP's challenge to Liberals is simple: put up or shut up.

Perhaps Liberals FEEL that it's true, just because after ignoring it for so long, they are super-sensitive to any attack on their atrophied left.

Or maybe because Jack Layton's attacks on their failures on poverty, tuition, child care and the environment echo precisely what their conscience tells them about 13 years of implementing the Reform/Canadian Alliance/Conservative agenda.

But hurt feelings and a nagging subconscious aren't evidence. They are, well, personal. And may be the kind of thing Liberals should be talking to these people about.

And hey, while you're at it, it might be a good time to bring up that victim complex too.


Woman at Mile 0 said...

It's so comforting to see so many NDPer's congratulating themselves on their oh so sound and unbiased balanced approach to attacking the Libs as much as the Cons. No ones buying it and the polls show people don't like it either. But hey keep patting yourselves on the back if it makes ya feel better.

janfromthebruce said...

That's pretty funny in a sad way. As I read the posts, and IP's patience, I finally thought - inside my head - you are not a victim.
So obviously your post nailed it. I call it the syndrom. Guess what, it is not always about you, and one needs to get over themselves.
So by your anology wman at mile 0, they must like the Dion liberals sitting on their hands, abstaining, and voting for Harper's confidence motions.
Thus, the libs need to move further to the right, to get it "right."

Blogging Horse said...

Woman at Mile 0, you've kinda missed the point. The NDP DOESN'T attack the Libs as much as the Cons. It attacks the Cons far more frequently. That's what IP's post and the weak retorts have demonstrated.

No one's buying it? You mean the truth? Its a shame you think so little of Canadians, becasue that attitude only diminshes politics in this country.

But people will always take a well presented truth over politically motivated lies. This, we can be certain, is just the first of many corrections due to Dion's world view.

Malcolm+ said...

The entire Liberal delusion is fueled by a belief that they are ENTITLED to power.

I believe the applicable word, from the Greek, is "hubris."

In fact, the Liberals do not, nor have they ever, proffered Canadians a progressive alternative. The claim that the CCF-NDP are "Liberals in a hurry" is spurious. The facts on the ground - and 13 years of right wing budgets from Paul Martin and Ralph Goodale prove - that the Liberals are "Conservatives with better media relations."

The reality is - as we see in Saskatchewan and Manitoba - that the only way to achieve progressive government in Canada is for the Liberal Party to be completely and utterly destroyed as a viable political and electoral force. That way we have periods of progressive governance intersperced with brief periods of reaction, as opposed to the present situation federally, where we have periods of right wing governance interspersed with brief periods of ever so slightly more right wing - though less crooked - governance.

But to my poor, put-upon Liberal friends who belive the NDP should never criticize the Liberals, I will make the same offer I've made previously.

Stop lying, and we will stop calling you liars.

Stop stealing, and we'll stop calling you thieves.

Govern like the progressives you pretend to be, and we'll stop calling you hypocrites.

Stop propping up the Harper government, and we'll stop calling you cowards.

Justin Socie said...

What a weird bunch of reactions. It should be fairly clear to both NDP supporters and Liberal supporters that the NDP attack both the Liberals and the Conservatives. I guess where we seem to disagree is on whether the NDP focus on the Libs too much.

You would think that we could have such a mundane disagreement with even a small amount of civility.

HammertimeGP said...