Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liberal Leadership Race 2006: The do-over

Back from a 15 month hiatus, the War of Liberal Succession appears to have started afresh, following the Grits’ lacklustre by-election finishes in western Canada. (Oh come on, you knew it had never ended).

But in order to claim the throne, they must first kill the king.

When they were in government, Liberals could engage in their perpetual West Side Story routine with imperceptible effect on their robust agenda, yet now that they are in opposition, each knife twist and big Broadway number deals them out of the picture entirely, so that only the NDP is left to oppose Harper and call for his defeat.



Malcolm+ said...

This would be the same Stephane Dion who pretended to be Environment Minister under Martin?

The same Stephane Dion to whom Michael Ignatieff said, "We didn't get it done?"

The same Stephane Dion who condemned Rona Ambrose for doing nothing foe 11 months as Environment Minister when he had done nothing as Environment Minister for 19 months?

The best possible thing that could happen for Canadian democracy would be for the Liberal Party to self-destruct, rendering itself irrelevant politically and marginalizing itself as an electoral vehicle.

Then Canadians would actually have a choice between two parties that actually disagree (the Conservatives and the New Democrats) as opposed to two parties that agree on virtually everything (the Conservatives and the Liberals).

HammertimeGP said...