Monday, March 3, 2008

Layton forces Harper to come clean on Obama interference

It's usually Canadian politics that ends up being sideswiped by US politics ... But not this time.

Today, Jack Layton came out swinging against Harper telling him to come clean on the alleged efforts by his office to discredit Barack Obama on NAFTA.

Layton landed one squarely which forced Harper to distance himself from the mess, saying "the Government of Canada does not not condone this and certainly regrets any implication."


Looks like the Americans noticed.

As did the Obama campaign.


janfromthebruce said...

Sweet. MSM in US play Layton, what's wrong with our media????
I say it's time for Change, Canadian style.

ARK said...

I mean, like, hey... you can't blame Doughboy for trying... I mean, summits with Obama will make him look even geekier than he would otherwise... not even a fishing vest could aid him...

Ideal opposite number, optics-wise:

John McCain.

Complementary arm mobility.

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