Tuesday, March 4, 2008

“Does somebody need another time-out?”

Does anyone else detect a woeful insincerity to Dion ‘n the Gang’s hyper-inflated rants on the Cadman-file?

Recall that these are the same people who just last night suffered upon themselves the humiliating indignity of ordering only seven of their own MPs in the House to vote for their budget amendment out of the fear – God forbid - that the NDP and Bloc might vote with them and end the Harper government.

It’s like the high schooler raging against his parents “I hate you both and this #@*^ house and these #@*^ clothes you make me wear … I don’t want to live here anymore!” only to retire to the basement for Wii and microwave pizzas.

Is there something to the Cadman allegations? Maybe.

Is the party that has done more than any other to implement Harper’s agenda at all credible as its critic, particularly as they contort themselves daily to keep from having to meet Canadians in an election? Hardly.

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ARK said...

You hit a nail on the head.

In that time-honoured question in politics of power versus principle, at least we know full well where the Libs and NDP respectively fall.