Thursday, March 6, 2008

Liberal motion offers satire, not opposition to Harper

With each passing day, the Liberal Party becomes more a caricature of its former self.

Take the motion Liberals have introduced in the House attacking the NDP which the media are reporting on today:

"They’ll introduce a motion condemning the NDP and Bloc Quebecois for defeating the previous Grit government in November 2005, thereby enabling Stephen Harper’s Tories to win power."

That’s right, instead of taking Harper on squarely – something people would expect from the Liberal MPs they elected - the Liberals have chosen to give Conservaitves yet another free ride so they can re-fight losing battles from two years ago.

And in doing so, they have ill-advisedly issued a gold embossed invitation to take a trip back to the happy days of Gomery, and contracts let without work, and Liberal staff getting paid by companies that got Sponsorship funds. (Had you already forgotten?)

By contrast, the opposition NDP has put forward five confidence motions attacking the Conservatives’ mismanagement of poverty, women’s equality, the environment and the economy.

Instead of offering help for people hurt by the Harper agenda, with their motion, Liberals are only offering more satire – akin to their musical chairs abstention routine.
Just like a 12:45am Saturday Night Live skit, the Liberal strategy is weak, badly thought out, poorly acted, and kinda makes you want to see what else is on.
UPDATE: Liberal bloggers have four words for the Liberal MPs who are using their parliamentary perches to refight the 2006 election: GET OVER IT ALREADY.

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Jimmie said...

And then there is this, calling them the Abstention Party: