Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jack Layton takes on the National Post and wins

This week, Jack Layton met with the National Post’s editorial board about his recent meetings in with leaders in Washington DC.

Now that’s a tough room.

But Jack did incredibly well. (The audio of Layton’s answers – though strangely not the questions - is here.)

His answers are confident, rational, and clearly show an experienced leader who’s thought about the issues and knows what he stands for.

Among the topics they covered in 18 edited minutes: the need to stand up to entrenched interests so NAFTA can have some hope of benefiting ordinary people; why Harper should stop the sale of Canada’s satellite technology to protect Canada’s sovereignty; the constructive leadership Canada could be offering at the UN to achieve a sea-change in Afghanistan; and when it’s thrown at him, he also bats Dion’s favourite myth out of the park.

And to move seamlessly from the substantive to the aesthetic, Jack’s new glasses are also a nice touch.


ARK said...

Agreed. Good show to a tough crowd.

But, your crush on Jack is showing a bit too much...

HammertimeGP said...