Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weak-end warriors decide "Layton should be shot for treason"

On Wednesday, Jack Layton called the Prime Minister to account for negotiations that the government has apparently undertaken to involve the tiny United Arab Emirates in the war-fighting mission in Afghanistan.

Over at Small Dead Animals the outrage is tantamount to when Chapters stopped carrying Mack Boland books on tape.

The comments section literally overflows with vitrol against the NDP.

From the war-rooms of their bachelor apartments, and secret bunkers in their parents' basements these misanthropes have decided that Layton’s referencing a document released legally by the Department of National Defence, and obtained legally through the Access to Information Act, and discussed legally, and printed and broadcast legally by newspapers and television news has literally given comfort to the enemy.

With all the deliberate jurisprudence of a Pinochetian court, our weak-end warriors have decided that Layton and the whole NDP gang are guilty of treason and shouldn’t even be afforded the luxury of a Lucky Strike.

A few of the more rational suggestions put forth:

“How about a wall and a blindfold.”

“Ny God when will we start slamming some of this traiterous 5th column trash in the slammer...or give them a session in Gitmo . . .”

“Arrest the bastards on charges of treason and sedition and have them shot. No kidding!!!!! Don't fuck with our Country . . .”

These remarks are just incredibly over the top. It’s embarrassing to read them -- let alone consider that adults might have written them.

Folks, it's called democracy. If you're not sure why we have it, ask a veteran.


janfromthebruce said...

They sure a blood thirsty group. Maybe they would like to get out of their basements, join the armed forces, and 'stand up for Canada', amen.
However, the military probably wouldn't want them, as they express a viral hatred towards those they perceive as 'others', outsiders, and 'foreigners'.

leftdog said...
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leftdog said...
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leftdog said...

(Third revision of my post on this)

"Documents obtained by the opposition New Democrats, UNDER ACCESS TO INFORMATION LAWS, indicate that Col. Fred Lewis, deputy commander of Task Force Afghanistan, met Emirates military staff over a five-day period in January to discuss "the feasibility of a bilateral agreement."
-International Herald Tribune-

Okay, the NDP had information on the discussions between Canada and USA - and they got the documents from ... the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA!! Yup .. they paid theIr $10 and filled out an FOI (freedom of information) form and took the papers to the House and asked a question.

For that, some of the most rabid at SDA (some of the most rabid and demented right wing extremists in the nation) are ready to have people executed - killed - shot against a wall with a blindfold on.

For what? Asking a legitimate question in a democratic nation - in that nations Parliament, by a Member of one of the Opposition Parties.

These demented right wingers are so vicious and rabid ... I consider it a type of mental illness ... but what do I know? ....

jj said...

OMG, I couldn't stop laughing reading some of those comments. Not only is this a non-story, it's an OLD non-story.

Can these people possibly do anything to embarrass themselves further? LOL, what a bunch of cretins.

the rev. said...

Holy crap, what a bunch of no-necked knuckledragging goons. Yeah, by all means lets shoot anyone who questions the holy Gnu Gummint of Kanada - after all they are supported by nearly a third of the population. Some people really are too dumb to even try to discuss things with.