Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stronach resignation a massive blow to Dion

BREAKING NEWS that Belinda Stronach is calling it quits.

It won’t be long before the Libs will be out in force (well, as much of a force as they can muster these days) to down-play it, but losing Stronach is a big blow to their Party.

Her entry into politics three years ago was credited as providing a renewed hope for the Conservatives. A year and four months later, Stronach's crossing the floor to the Liberals was credited with providing renewed hope for Paul Martin's teetering minority government.

In exactly the same way, today's decision must be credited with extracting hope for the Liberals. Young, charismatic, and influential in business circles, it would be an easy bet that more Canadians know Stronach, than do Dion.

Equally unmistakable is the big picture: Stonach's departure brings the number of Liberal MPs who are walking away from their party to an incredible sixteen!

Paul Martin
Jean Lapierre
Bill Graham
Ray Bonin
Brenda Chamberlain
Jim Peterson
Andy Scott
Stephen Owen
Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Paul Steckle
Joe McGuire
Tom Wappel
Joe Comuzzi
Lucienne Robillard
Bill Matthews
Belinda Stronach

Plunk those numbers next to the recent poll that shows only 17% of Canadians think if Dion as a prime minister, and you get a real sense of the growing unease among Liberals.

But, er, there’s always Garth Turner.

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Anonymous said...

As a federal civil servant, I too am dismayed with our leadership and was thinking of resigning from my post - but I don't have a big tit to suck on like Belinda does. The best alternative I can find is a night shift at Blockbuster...