Friday, April 13, 2007

The pact of 26.2 percent

The announcement just ran on CTV.

May did most of the talking and as usual stepped in it whenever she could. The most stunning bit of vanity was when she over-reached to compare herself and Dion to Ralph Nader and Al Gore.

The overwhelming impression: these two haven't thought this through at all.

Dion has yet to answer this question:

"If your goal is to defeat Harper, and you are willing to concede to a party that has no seats, doesn't it make sense to not run candidates against the NDP and the Bloc in the seats they actually hold?"

Dion's teetering credibility now rests on his answer.

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Anonymous said...

May has destroyed the Green party across Canada by aligning herself with the Dion Liberals. What this tells Canadians across the country that a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote because it will work against Dion being the next prime minister ... which May advocates.

Green party election candidates have been neutered by May because they cannot tell voters that May is their leader, a leader who supports Dion as the next prime minister. So why bother voting Green if the Liberals are so good?

May has killed the Greens in Canada with her treacherous deal with Dion ... believe it ....!!!