Thursday, April 19, 2007

"It might be better not to run Liberals in other ridings as well": Montreal radio host

Federal Liberals look at Montreal with the same mix of desire and disheartenment that Toronto Maple Leaf fans look at the Stanley Cup.

Once it was all theirs. They want it back so bad they can taste it. But it continues to allude.

If they ever hope to form a government, Liberals need Montreal back . . . bad. So, they held their leadership convention there. And they selected a Montreal MP as their leader.

So how's that strategy working out for Liberals so far? Well, according to one of Montreal's top talk radio hosts, not well, and the Dion-May "Axis of Ego" backroom deal aint helpin' much.

Tommy Schnurmacher echoes the sentiment of the city when he writes:

“Voters may come to the sensible conclusion that if it’s better not to run a Liberal in Central Nova, perhaps it’s better not to run Liberals in other ridings as well.”

“Dion is the leader of a party often described as the natural governing party of Canada. Thanks to him, the party has now been lowered to ignoring its own constitution to make a desperate deal with a party that isn’t taken seriously by more than 90 percent of the population.”

“With this deal, Dion has admitted that the Liberal record on the environment is so fragile that they need the endorsement of a fringe party that does not have a single seat anywhere in the country.”

Pile on top of that this week's fascinating SES poll that shows current Bloc voters are least likely to vote Liberal of any of the parties, and you get the sense of what the post-Gomery world looks like for the Liberals in Quebec. Ce n'est pas bon.


jeff davidson said...

given that the libs hold 12 seats in montreal, with the rest being held by separatists, perhaps the ndp should consider dropping candidates as well.

the likelihood of electing a dipper en la belle province continues to be remote....(7 % of the total vote last election).

layton should follow may's example and help us lance this conservative boil for good.

janfromthebruce said...

Jeff, tell me what are the liberals going to give to the NDP for not running candidates. What would be the deal?