Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Conservatives’ “Son of Sponsorship”

The words still hang in the air . . .

They “broke nearly every rule in the book on this one.” – Auditor general Sheila Fraser, May 8, 2002

“Perhaps there was a few million dollars that might have been stolen in the process. It is possible.” - Jean Chretien, Speech to Liberal Party, May 30, 2002.

Liberals “were directly involved in illegal campaign financing” and “disregarded the relevant laws governing donations to political parties.” - Gomery's First Report, p. 78.

Liberals “cannot escape responsibility for the misconduct of its officers and representatives.” - Gomery's First Report.

Liberals are still dogged by the abuse of funds in the Sponsorship Scandal. It has rocked their supporters and weighs down their popular support in Québec and elsewhere like ballast.

For their part, the Conservatives were stern in chiding the Liberals for breaking the rules by having an open and unaccountable slush fund from which their supporters could draw for political purposes.

So imagine the revulsion to hear about the Conservatives' $30 million backdoor fund to support events in their Conservative ridings. The NDP’s Charlie Angus uncovered "the Son of Sponsorship" in a memo to Conservative MPs. The memo describes the fund as having no rules for how the money can be dispersed and who can obtain funds.

Angus' questions in the House had Bev Oda - the minister in charge of the fund - ducking out the back door to avoid reporters.

Reminds one of the old adage "Liberal – Tory same old . . . something, something."

Developing . . .


PALGOLAK said...

Please stop flogging that Liberal dead horse, even if it was just a segue to the more recent CPC abuses.

The whole point of the Liberals nominating someone like Dion is that, temporarily at least, they have a 'clean' leader.

Why devote any energy to attacking Dion right now?

If things are not handled very delicately in the short term, we could end up with a Harper majority government and Iggy as Opposition Leader.

Two revenants facing each other, 34 days a year. The thought freezes my brains!

PALGOLAK said...


I meant to modify my post to link revenants, but I forgot that comments send elsewhere cannot be edited.

I think the wiki entry has some value.


Blogging Horse said...

Forgive and forget Liberals for . . .
- the sponsorship scandal?
- the $25 billion they cut from health care and education?
- their broken promises on home care, pharmacare and greenhouse gas reductions?
- allowing pollution to rise faster than George Bush?
- dumping Canada into a ill-defined and wrong mission in Kandahar?
- sleep walking through over 4000 days of government?

The Liberals would like us to forget all of these things and vote for them again, but it is for those reasons precisely that they are no longer fit to govern.

That's in no way an endorsement of the Harperites who are operating by no better standards.

Enough is enough with trading back and forth between disapointing Liberal and wretched Conservative governments. It's time for real leadership and change.

Cue the NDP!