Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liberals default to backstabbing and infighting

It may be time to update the old joke - something along these lines: “Conservatives come together to drink, New Democrats come together for pamphlets, and Liberals? Liberals come together to beat the living snot out of one another.”

Despite every real piece of evidence showing the contrary the Red Team persists in saying they have never been happier. All the while they are reaching towards Dion-era levels of discord and malice:

Leading Liberals openly praise the NDP and Bloc for crushing Ignatieff’s election strategy.

One-time Liberal strategist
Warren Kinsella goes berserk over “unnamed Liberals” for daring to tell journos that all is not well in La-la-Liberal land.

And now, because they’re getting rather good at it, Liberals are in
open revolt against Ignatieff for decreeing who shouldn’t run in the NDP riding of Outremont.

Less than a month ago, Michael Ignatieff boasted of how the party had turned a corner under his leadership …

“We’re more united than we’ve been in a generation. We’re ready to fight in every riding in the country.”

In less than 22 days, events have completely swamped his boasts of unity. Liberals are now literally on their way to fighting each other in every riding in the country.


Ti-Guy said...

This blog should be on the Blogging Tory aggregator. All hyperbole and smear and rumour and anonymous sources, all the time.

Jimmie said...

Classic Liberal reposte...If you dare criticize the Great Liberal Party, you MUST be a Conservateur...

Ti-Guy, explain the logic of Coderre and Iggy's claim to be encouraging a woman to run in Outremont, while simultaneously asking two SITTING female MPs to stand down.

One step forward, two steps back. At that rate the LPC will be battling the Conservatives for least number of elected women.

Jimmie said...

Sorry, here's a link to the story in which Coderre tries taking out Raymonde Falco and Lise Zarac, the latter who was only elected 11 months ago: http://tinyurl.com/lg8spt

Oppo said...

Ti-Guy, if you can't handle being called on failure, hypocrisy and in-fighting, maybe being a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada isn't for you.