Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adding to Iggy's list of failures

So, yesterday Ignatieff told Stephen Harper: "You’ve failed to protect the most vulnerable. You’ve failed to create jobs. You’ve failed to defend our health care. You’ve failed to restore our public finances."

It's all true. But that's because Liberals failed to force him to.

"On probation" turned out to be "on vacation".

Liberals owe it to themselves, and the Canadians they are elected to serve, to examine closely why their strategy to prop Harper up in exchange for nothing but a set of worthless reports and a Blue Ribbon panel with Pierre Pollievre on it was such a failure.


RayK said...

Also, where did the "protect our health care" bit come from?

I don't remember Ignatieff including that in his four "demands". I think he's just making shit up.

Unknown said...

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