Friday, September 18, 2009

EXPOSED: Rift grows over Ignatieff’s puerile election posturing

The whispered suggestion that the Liberal caucus is fracturing over Ignatieff’s “show down” strategy is no longer a whisper.

Sources close to your favourite equine-themed politics blog report that Martha Hall-Findlay, for one, is quite pleased that Ignatieff’s stratagem has failed to produce the threatened election.

Following an Ottawa fete this week for the Hill Times newspaper at one venue, the high-ranked Liberal MP and one-time leadership aspirant, it is said, was heard at Hy’s restaurant praying with colleagues and hangers-on that Ignatieff’s scheme would fall flat.

Attendees to the impromptu after-party report Hall-Findlay telling assembled guests that she was praying there would be no election – loudly thanking the NDP and Bloc for standing up to make parliament work instead.

Shouldn’t the Ignatieff team be concerned that elements in the Bob Rae camp are publicly rejoicing in his first big strategic misstep?

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Jane Taber’s column in today's Globe confirms both the soiree at Hy’s (evidently it was in honour of MH-F’s 50th … er, happy birthday, Martha) as well as their being much rejoicing that the Ignatieff team failed to precipitate an election.


janfromthebruce said...


Scott Tribe said...

Wow.. you're coming up with a John Ivison article a week old?

Very unimpressive, Blogging Horse.. you NDP'ers can do a lot better then that.

northwestern_lad said...

And Scotty, you going around to others blogs to repeat the same talking point... come on, you Red Cons can do a lot better than that too ;)

Ti-Guy said...

you NDP'ers can do a lot better then that.

No they can't.

...And Scott Tribe: would you finally learn the difference between "then" and "than" already?

It's a Liberal rift that's growing beyond my personal ability to control.

Robert said...

Yah can you believe actually citing an article not like the Liberal blogs who say "I heard this from someone....maybe.....I wont say who"

Ohhhh NDP bloggers not making stuff up this is why you never win elections it is cause you aren't ready to lie and sell your soul.

Anthony said...

i don't know what is funnier

people thinking there is a major rift...

or Horse calling Martha a high-ranking Liberal MP

Mark Francis said...

Well, see? This is why Harper keeps a tight lid on things. I mean, wow, democracy and debate might actually break out inside a political party.

Everyone backing a leader without question is not a virtue.

Anonymous said...

There will be no election this fall. Sheesh. Mybe April.

ADHR said...

I don't buy it. Look over here. Quote: "Needless to say, our caucus retreat this past week was eventful, with Michael Ignatieff making it very, very clear that we Liberals will no longer support the Harper government. We all feel a sense of relief that we can now, truly, stand up for things that are so important to us as Liberals. In addressing caucus the day after his announcement, Michael was clearly in fine form. We could see, and hear, and feel his relief at his decision---he was confident, enthusiastic, eloquent and passionate about the future. In short, he was terrific.

"And it is fascinating to watch Jack Layton and the NDP with their waffling and mixed messages!! How extraordinary, after so much ‘holier than thou’ posturing about ‘never’ supporting Stephen Harper. The tables are turned; the NDP are now facing the practical challenges of an election that doesn’t suit their own timing (or poll results!)—and lo and behold, their principles, if Jack Layton had any to begin with, seem to have disappeared."

MHF is on board with the typical Liberal messaging. Much as is Scott Tribe. Disappointing, but not unexpected.