Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Liberal Peeps Opposition

So there’s a lot of anger out there that the Liberal convention to crown Czar Ignatieff is coming together as a completely perfunctory affair for the hundred or so faithful who are expected to hump over the Rockies from their base in the GTA in May.

"It's a convention about nothing," grouses one disgruntled Grit, echoing a description often applied to Jerry Seinfeld's television sitcom of the 1990s. "Some people are wondering why we're bothering to have a convention at all."

Honestly, what’s the fuss about, Liberals? When has a federal Liberal Party convention been about substance? This Liberal convention, like the ones before and after it have always seemed like the Peeps Easter candies that decorate store shelves this time of year - colorful and fluffy yet utterly generic and void of any nutritional value.

But that’s the way the Liberal establishment likes their conventions. It’s the way they like their leaders, and it’s the way they like their so-called opposition to the Harper Conservatives as well.

Just think about how Ignatieff and the Peeps continued Dion’s record of helping Harper get his budget passed. They claim to have put the government on probation - yet when the time came, they not only voted in favour of the Harper agenda – they fast-tracked it in the Senate, admitting that they didn’t even know what far-right measures were contained in the 500 page budget document.

"One of the problems is that if we have an omnibus bill there is all kinds of stuff. It is like a folder. So people put stuff in the folder that we don't know about. But at the moment that we have known that this problem [with employment insurance] was rising up, we reacted and the question that we need to ask is the government -- did the government know what was within its budget? I don't think so." – Michael Ignatieff, CTV Newsnet, March 12, 2009

Unbelievable. And this bunch claims to have put Harper "on probation."

Just like with Peeps, after a while of consuming Liberal talking points, you begin to wonder what attracted you to them in the first place.

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