Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I am a New Democrat" Obama says

Well, there you have it, Canadians.

Only a few weeks after being here - during which he had only the briefest occasion to shake NDP MP Paul Dewar's hand - and Obama has picked a side ... Obama: 'I am a New Democrat'. (Check it out! He even used the capital "N"!)

Single payer health care. Commitment to a cap and trade carbon market. Tough diplomacy in Afghanistan ... America really is back!

That must have been one hell of a handshake, Paul.


RP. said...

"The group is comprised of centrist Democratic members of the House, who support free trade and a muscular foreign policy but are more moderate than the conservative Blue Dog Coalition. "

Yeah, colour me a paler shade of underwhelmed.

Blogging Horse said...

Fun spoiler, RP.

Troy Thomas said...

Damn it all!

I was just about finished a freaking post musing among the same lines of Obama's 'moderate' and 'bank-friendly' politics.