Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come back Floyd Laughren! All is forgiven.

Hey, who remembers 1995 when the Ontario Liberals and Mike Harris Conservatives pilloried the New Democrats for having the brazen gall to take dramatic measures to protect Ontarians from the recession?

Judging from the highlights of today’s doomsday budget in Ontario, the McGuinty Liberals don’t … or if they do, they just think hypocrisy suits them better.

Take a look:

* $57 billion in borrowed spending, starting with a record $14.1 billion this year (compared to a meager $12.4 billion under the New Democrats);

* $1 billion in unidentified “mystery cuts” (see ya in hell, TV Ontario);

* A 5 percent reduction in the public service (Rae Days never looked so good); and

* An 8 percent increase in the cost of household goods, including on electricity and home heating bills with the absurd combination of the provincial sales tax with the GST;

Hey, it’s not all bad! Bay Street still gets off with a sweet corporate tax cut while everyone else gets the privilege of paying Dalton McGuinty more for giving us less – (less pocket money and less services)

Meanwhile next door in Manitoba, increased core spending in education and health and ... wait for it ... a balanced budget from the New Democrats.

How do you like your McGuinty Liberals now, Ontario?

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