Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ignatieff Liberals are back to thinking Kyoto is just the name of a dog.

For the federal Liberal Party the environment isn’t a crisis. It isn’t even an issue. It’s a prop. For decades the Liberal Party has campaigned on the environment, collected the votes for their song and dance and then walked away from our browning planet.

Check their stats:

In 1993 the Liberal Party ran on a platform that mentioned the environment 118 times. Yet 13 years and four Liberal governments later left us with a worse environment.

In 1997 they signed the Kyoto Accord pledging to reduce GHG emissions 6% and then “didn’t get it done.”

More recently, the Liberals declared climate change the number one threat to Canadians and our planet. Not just Dion, but every Liberal including Ignatieff clapped their hands and voted in favour of Jack Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Act, which to the chagrin of the Harperites passed the House in June and was in the Senate when Harper called the early election three months later.

Yet over at Peterborough Politics, Cam is reporting that Liberals might not support the bill when it comes back to the House this week.

The Sierra Club of Canada, once considered a virtual clearing house for the Liberal Party now finds itself inexplicably pleading with Liberal MPs to vote in favour of the bill that will hold future governments accountable for hard climate change reduction targets.

Tomorrow’s vote is an opportunity for each MP to demonstrate to their constituents where they stand on climate action, and to live up to their previous commitments,” said Stephen Hazell, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

On one hand it’s no surprise to see Liberals heaving their convenient environmentalism of the past two years overboard like ballast from a sinking ship -- it’s just that Canadians are more accustomed to seeing this when Liberals are in government -- not opposition.

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Mark Francis said...

I keep saying that the Conservative's next election slogan will be

"Vote for the real Stephen Harper"