Monday, June 9, 2008

Will tomorrow be the start of the 40th General Election? ...

... No. No it won’t.

Though there are tens of thousands of reasons it should be ... the tens of thousands of prospective immigrants who have played by the rules, but won’t be allowed to call Canada their home because of high-handed immigration changes that will allow Harper to move them to the bottom of the list.

And 50 billion more … the $50 billion surplus in the EI fund that the Conservatives are effectively stealing by starting the EI system over with a meagre $2 billion.

Both of these things will happen when C-50 - the budget bill - passes tonight.

Oh, and you can bet a full tank of gas (or the $100 equivalent) that it will, because Liberals would rather Canadians be punished with Harper’s agenda, than keep their promise to fight Harper.

Ready for the jaw-dropper? The most amazing bit is that Liberal MPs actually think they are doing you a FAVOUR by sitting on their hands. Behold Ralph Goodale telling the Hill Times today that "his party's strategy of 'strategic patience' is so that Canadians have time to see the failings of the current government."

You read that right ... "so that Canadians have time to see the failings of the current government."

Liberals aren’t apologizing for Liberal cowardice and incompetence. You won’t find them wearing out the knees of their Armani slacks pleading for people to understand that they aren’t ready for the election they said they wanted back in December 2006. No, no. The Dion Liberals are forcing the 9.4 million of us who didn't vote Conservative to many more months of this irreversible damage as a public service!

This is the new gold standard of irresponsibility.

Tell ya what Liberals, don't do us any more favours, 'kay?

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