Wednesday, June 18, 2008

“We do not favour a Carbon Tax”: Dion

Next to their story previewing Dion’s “carbon tax” today, the Toronto Star ran this rather ironic photograph from January:

The irony: The particular version of “The Stéphane Dion Plan to Save the World” he is holding in the photo is now just the neighbour of so many Red Books in the Liberal Party’s trash bin (so much for recycling).
Why? Because it contains the now offensive phrase on page 11 “We do not favour a Carbon Tax where money is transferred from companies to the federal government and is lost in general revenue. Under our [cap and trade] approach companies will have access to every penny of their money to make investments in their own green projects.”

Dion isn’t interested in cap and trade anymore. He has thrown that plan away. He has thrown away his “Carbon Budget”. He has thrown away putting absolute caps on emissions that environmentalists and scientists say are critical for meaningful reductions. And he has thrown away the aggressive targets laid out on page 9 of that document to reach a 20% reduction in GHGs by 2020, a 35% reduction by 2035 and a 60 to 80% reduction by 2050.

Instead of a simple plan that forces big polluters to reduce their emissions, he has opted for a woefully complex carbon tax that genuflects towards the Canadian Council of Chief Exectutives and lets industry off the hook but targets people who want to heat their homes and buy food without taking a second mortgage. A plan with no emissions targets whatsoever.

By throwing away the “Balancing our Carbon Budget” plan he campaigned on and was elected leader on, Dion is throwing away everything he once stood for on climate change.

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