Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Liberals betray new Canadians; help Harper fast track immigration changes

Liberal tough-talk over Harper’s changes in C-50 to politicize our immigration process is meaningless political theatre, an Ottawa paper has revealed.

The article says:

“Instead of doing everything they can to derail it, the Liberals appear to be helping to send bill C-50 in its entirety through the House of Commons before summer break, which is scheduled for June 20.
Reforms to the immigration act that will prioritize applicants deemed a priority by the minister have faced harsh criticism from opposition MPs, immigration lawyers and groups. But while NDP members have taken to the floor in full force over the last few days to oppose the immigration and EI reforms, only a handful of Liberals have stood to register their concerns on the record. [ … ]

Further adding to the impression the bill is being fast-tracked is the fact that the Liberal-dominated Senate has started to review the subject matter of the bill, even before it was approved. The Senate finance committee began a pre-hearing last Wednesday, and has heard from witnesses who have warned that the amendments to the immigration act will be harmful.
The last time the Senate held a pre-study was in 2001-2002 to review the Anti-terrorism Act, Bill C-36. At that time, the Upper Chamber said the pre-study was done to ensure Canada passed the bill in time to comply with a United Nations-mandated deadline.”

For new Canadians who have readily supported Liberal candidates for years, this is the ultimate betrayal.
Earlier this week, Liberal MPs refused to vote with the NDP against the report stage vote on C-50. Now, they are putting their weight behind getting Harper's agenda through the Liberal-dominated Senate as quickly as possible.
And it's transparent why: Liberal MPs are getting battered by constituents for not opposing the bill. To ease this pain, the people around Dion have absurdly decided to help pass the immigration changes as quickly as possible, thereby getting immigration off the political radar so Liberal MPs can enjoy the BBQ circuit this summer.
The Liberal Party of Canada: Harper's silent partner in changing Canada forever.


Stephen said...

June 20th, incidentally, is World Refugee Day in Canada and around the world.

Well timed, Liberals.

zeezil said...

June 20th is also my birthday. Arrest, incarcerate then deport illegal aliens.