Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mulcair moves Couillard story ahead

For months the Julie Couillard / Maxime Bernier story has been frozen in amber … until yesterday that is, when the RCMP revealed to NDP deputy leader Thomas Mulcair that they may be investigating the matter.

For Stephane Dion and Gilles Duceppe who have squandered hours upon hours of their time in question period on Couillard, that it took the NDP to unearth this key piece of information in committee must come as the cruelest of blows.

While the NDP has used the few spots they get in question period to probe the government on our hemorrhaging manufacturing sector, the war in Afghanistan, the environment and pocketbook issues, the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois have asked about virtually nothing other than Couillard since May – effectively turning question period into “45 Minutes with Peter Van Loan” – perhaps the lamest new show on cable this spring.

The near effortlessness with which Mulcair got to the information just shows how ineffective the Bloc and Liberals are in opposition – the former because they are past their expiry date and the latter because they have turned the House of Commons into a surrogate for the campaign they are too disorganized to trigger.


James Curran said...

Yes. Yes. It's the Liberals fault. Yep. It's the Liberals.

Blogging Horse said...

What's the Liberals fault, James?

That new Canadians have to get green-lighted by the Conservative cabinet to get in? That the war in Afghanistan will continue 'till 2011? That our air and water is getting dirtier? That Conservative economic policies are costing us tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs?

Make no mistake: Those things are very much Stephen Harper's fault - he is the Prime Minister after all. But let's be honest, given 43 chances, Dion hasn't done a thing to change that fact.