Thursday, January 3, 2008

Doomsday Dion: Another Liberal says “no way”

So on the very same day that Jack Layton announces that the NDP is going to run the strongest slate of candidates ever, another Liberal candidate says he’s not running under Dion's banner.

“I have not closed the door on anything. I’m leaving the door wide open” Paul Antle said only moments after having double-bolted and stuck a chair under the knob to the door to running for the Dion Liberals in the next election.

This is another bad sign for the Dion Liberals. Who is going to be with them when they can’t even keep a candidate in an urban Newfoundland seat that they lost by a few thousand votes, where the incumbent is stepping down, and the popular Premier is actively campaigning for people to vote out the Conservatives?

The Dion Liberals just don’t have it together to help Canadians who want to defeat Harper.

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