Friday, January 25, 2008

Canadians for Real NGOs

See, this is just dumb.

No wonder people don't trust Harper and his crew.

(But before the Liberal peanut gallery gets all indignant about phoney third parties parroting the party line, they first should explain their relationship with this, this, and oh yeah, this.)

This also speaks to the rife hypocrisy on accountability within the Harper ranks. The article says:

“Although [Jay] Hill is a member of the cabinet as a secretary of state, [his former staffer turned lobbyist, Josh] McJannett said he was not covered by the cooling-off rule because he worked in Hill's parliamentary office and not as ministerial staff. His move was approved by the ethics commissioner, he said.”

Weak enforcement of weak rules. How is this any more “accountable” than how the Liberals used to do things?


ch said...

I agree this isn't any more accountable than how the Liberals used to do things. But I also didn't expect more from Harper. Did you?

Blogging Horse said...

It is surprising.

Here's why: The conventional wisdom is that Harper's gang are pretending to be something they aren’t. That much of who they are is carefully (or maniacally) controlled image to keep and expand their vote base.

But stuff like this and their broken promises on ethics and democracy, wait times, etc., show there really isn't a hidden agenda - it's all right out there. The Harper team are being themselves and it shows.

Malcolm+ said...

Liberal. Tory.

Same old story.

Neither of them are able to pass the ethical standards of a ferret in heat.

Blogging Horse said...


Weasel, surely.

Malcolm+ said...

I'd have gone for garden slug if garden slugs had heat.