Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Déjà vu: Fractured and leaderless, Liberals don’t plan to vote out Harper

The Liberal Party is still splintering over Stephane Dion’s disastrous decision to override party democracy in northern Saskatchewan.

The Regina Leader-Post reports today that people in Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River are organizing a protest rally this Saturday telling Dion to reverse his decision to appoint the preferred candidate of Liberal godfather-figure Ralph Goodale.

Is it any surprise then that Liberal MPs elsewhere are speculating that Dion will, yet again, find another way to keep Harper in office for even longer?

Paul Steckle says “he doesn't foresee an issue in the near future that will unite opposition parties and topple the Conservative government, however. The parties may not agree with portions of the 2008 budget, but this likely won't be enough to force an election”.

In other words, the Liberals don’t foresee an issue, or a leader, in the near future that will unite them to stand up to Harper’s right wing agenda.

2008 is already starting to look a whole lot like 2007.

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Wheatsheaf said...

It think you are right that 2008 will look like 2007. The Conservatives have already achieved a milestone in governing as a minority for 2 years and they may wish to push for an election. Even if the Liberals talk tough about wanting an election, watch for the Bloc to support the Conservatives on crucial vote.

In short, the Conservatives are going to have to work mighty hard to fail.