Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shooting the messenger

Only twelve months in and Dion is already on his third director of communications.

Is Leslie Swartman more talented than either André Lamarre or Nicolas Rustkowski? Maybe.

Is it asking too much of one mortal to direct the messaging of a caucus with no focus or leadership, riddled by internal sniping as well as put a fighting face on a leader who blew four chances to defeat Harper since October? Yeah. It is.


Anonymous said...

Blogging a Dead Horse:

The problem with Dion's Liberals is not communications its what they are communicating to the country. Canadians are not buying pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are happy with this assessment

Kicking an authentic politician while he is down. No wonder why you took this blog name.

Blogging Horse said...

Yup. People are leaving the Dion Liberals and uniting behind Layton.

They just aren't content to be left in the dark and fed Liberal poop, but let's not speculate too much on why names where chosen, er, Mushroom.