Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Liberal family Christmas

Whenever the dysfunctional family gets together around the holidays you can always count on fireworks. Grievances rekindled. Simmering revulsion boiling over. Passive aggression finally giving way to the real deal.

Despite all the counseling and frequent pronunciations of domestic tranquility, the Liberal family remains the worst on the block. A get-together yesterday to celebrate past glories turned ugly as former patriarchs unearthed the hatchets to blame each other for this.

At least for once Liberals are blaming themselves for screwing things up.

Holiday advice from your favourite equine themed politics blog: Keep the kids away from the windows and the noise by-law number near the phone.


Ti-Guy said...

Why don't you fuck off and die you stupid idiot?

Ryan said...

What I think Ti-Guy is trying to say in his usual tactful way is, this is looking more like a Liberal attack blog than an NDPer's blog.

The Liberals are not the real threat to Canada, the Conservatives are. While, yes, the Liberals have been guilty of many things, including piddling around on Kyoto, Harper isn't even pretending to care about it.

I sympathize, I'm a party member and I was plenty dissatisfied with the Liberals. Yeah, I don't trust them on poverty or the environment. But they are nothing compared to Harper. Harper is in government, the Liberals aren't. When you relentlessly attack the Liberals for their indiscretions, when Harper is doing much worse, you end up sounding like Harper himself. "The Liberals did it."

Harper needs to be challenged. Your blog is a good one, and I'm sure it's up to that challenge.

Blogging Horse said...

Thanks for the comment, Ryan.

You are right. Harper does need to be challenged. That's why it's a good thing there's Jack Layton and the NDP to provide that leadership instead of abstaining to keep Harper in power.

The most recent problem with the Liberal Party is their insincere instance that they represent a bold alternative to Harper. A party with such weak leadership and a track record of failure on the environment, child care and the war in afghanistan is neither bold nor an alternative.

They deserve to be called on it so Canadians aren't lured into trusting them again.

As for Ti-Guy, your comments say it all. The pressure of the coming by-election must be getting to you.