Friday, December 7, 2007

Ralph Goodale: King of the sniping pejorative

With each passing day, Ralph Goodale appears more and more the last angry man, hurling churlish vindictive as though to deliberately undermine his statesman status.

Maybe it’s the grinding pace opposition, or perhaps the weight of his leader’s sub-stratospheric standing in the opinions of Canadians.

But when Irene Mathyssen apologized to James Moore, Goodale’s first instinct was to grab for the mud and start a-chuckin’.

"This kind of abusive approach corresponds more with Mr. Layton's leadership style.... This is the kind of junkyard dog approach that Mr. Layton is famous for,"

Amazing. Goodale strikes a blow for the high-road while factlessly tunneling beneath the sewers to land on a journalist’s notepad.

And it’s not just the NDP that brings out the man’s passion for the pejorative.

Of course he would never stoop to malign the characters of anyone, let alone those of Misters Mulroney or Schreiber.


Scott Tribe said...

Come now - the NDP has been forced to apologize for 2 incidents in the past 2 days on false charges, and I've yet to see any public acknowedgement here at this blog about the fact Jim Curran was exonerated on the charges he faced - of which you and your sister NDP blog Uncorrected Proofs were almsot gleefully reporting when that story first broke.

I think it's a tad rich for you to be complaining about Goodale, because quite frankly, the NDP and its supporters sure haven't deserved any leeway on the issue of supposedly being made of higher principles then the other parties. They've shown to be just the same as the other parties. That's not necessarily a bad thing - but I wish NDP supporters would stop pretending they don't, and stop with the faux outrage when they get called on it.

Blogging Horse said...


It's easy to "tisk-tisk" now, but please try to recall that in both of the "false charges" cases you refer to, the Liberals were right behind the NDP in casting blame. Karen Redman in the "scantally clad" case and Paul Martin in Abbotsford.

Sure, the NDP has had to appologize for some mistakes this week. If it's newsworthy at all it's in part because of the rarity of Liberal and Conservative MPs to appologize for their mistakes.

For instance, despite all the talk of renewal, no Liberal leader has ever appologized for broken promises on childcare, climate change and universial drug coverage.

Er, as for James Curran, he has never been a subject of any post on this blog.

HammertimeGP said...