Tuesday, July 31, 2007

O’Contradictions (or feel bad for Rona Ambrose)

"Gordon O'Connor is making a fool of himself . . ."

Last month's truth has become today's monumental understatement.

O’Connor’s O’Contradictions haven’t made life easy for him. There were the briefing books not read. There were the multiple versions of who was looking after our detainees. There were air-conditioned tanks with no air-conditioning.

Now there’s this: the long-coming public spat between O’Connor and General Hillier – the man who as chief of defence staff, is supposed to work for the Government.

Once again, the NDP has called for Harper to show some parental discipline and put an end to the keystone cops routine.

Yet there O’Connor continues to sit, pretending to run the Department of Defence during a controversial war while pocketing an additional $72,200 for the privilege.

It’s tough not to feel bad for Rona Ambrose.


Joshua Kubinec said...

If it ever comes down to the point where Harper has to choose between O'Connor and Hillier, I would bet my money on O'Connor being asked to pack his bags.

Hillier is too much of a lynch-pin in the silent takeover of the Canadian military by the yanks to sack him. If they really wanted to get rid of him, they'd have to go through Washington first, find a replacement suitable to them, and then sack Hillier.

He was trained by the yanks and almost certainly put in charge of the Canadian military because he understands how the Yankee military works and how best to ensure that the takeover (which already started under Paul Martin and Jean Chretien) was as smooth as possible.

Lizt. said...

What tanks did not have A/C....the old ones did not. but what about the new ones? I think that Harper tells O'Connor what to say..Is Harper that stupid?

Kingston said...

Yes the new ones do,Lizt.