Thursday, July 12, 2007

Montreal likes Layton best

Politicos are scratching their heads raw trying to remember an occasion when a federal NDP leader was the most popular leader in the minds of Montrealers. But that’s exactly what’s happened according to Environics.

Even on a national scale Layton has the highest approval rating of any leader (8% more than Harper and 18% more than Dion) and is the only leader a majority of Canadians (56%) approve of.

For Harper this is really bad news. It confirms that after 18 months as Prime Minister, fewer Canadians think he’s on the right track.

For Dion, it keeps getting worse. People looking for an alternative to Harper aren’t looking to him, they are looking at Layton – even in Dion’s Sponsorship Scandal-weary Montreal.

And the malaise is electric, running right from Dion’s backyard to his backbench, which saw the astonishing resignation today of a first-term Liberal MP from Saskatchewan at a time when the Conservatives are under siege in the province.

The national “horse-race” numbers aren’t likely to show it for a while, but Canadian politics is shifting dramatically.