Thursday, July 19, 2007

Liberals keep Gomery in the news

More than the promises they never kept; or their flip-flops on issues like anti-scab legislation and Afghanistan; more than their ineffective leader who is today under attack for appointing a male candidate in Outremont; Liberals see one thing holding back their triumphant return to power: Gomery.

Any new arrest, like that of Jean Lafleur this April, or the RCMP sniffing around Jacques Corriveau's home this month sets Liberals to dining on their fingernails. But to be fair, they don't have a lot of control over what the police do in bringing those responsible for the Sponsorship scandal to justice.

So surprise then that Gomery is back on the front pages today because a former Liberal cabinet minister put it there. Alphonso Gagliano has applied to the federal court hoping they will strike down the Inquiry's final report.

A recent poll found that 64% of Canadians don't think the Liberals have done enough to regain public trust, and the same number don't think Liberal MPs are honest or ethical. Having Gagliano challenging the findings of Gomery inquiry in open court isn’t likely to help.

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