Friday, July 13, 2007

Harper to Canadians: "Er, I got nothin'."

Today's Globe has this story on an email circulated among Conservative staff from Harper's office begging them for ideas for the next session of Parliament.

The article says:

The request is contained in an e-mail from the Prime Minister's policy office to political staffers for Tory ministers and has also been made verbally. It comes as cabinet ministers and senior advisers believe the government has exhausted its agenda after a controversial spring in the House of Commons.

“We are looking for some ideas from you,” said the e-mail, the contents of which were read to The Globe and Mail. “These ideas will be considered as part of a larger policy recommendation that will go forth later on.”

Anyone who watched CPAC in June would have a hard time concluding anything other than that these guys were out of ideas. Van Loan's theme weeks like "Getting Results for Livestock week" were among the strongest signals.

But there's a reason why no one should trust that this email is for real. Harper and his inner circle are too controlling to ask for ideas or to leak anything. Recall the bogus "secret" memo from Doug Finley that fingered Ignatieff as their biggest fear as Lib leader (Heck, for added effect, this bogus memo was even followed up with another bogus memo on not leaking memos!).

If anyone is taking odds, bet that this memo is about the Harperites trying to soften their Ottawa image as manipulative control freaks.

('Course they could be just trying to get Conservative staff to spend less time on Facebook. )


LeDaro said...

Good blog. Ask your leader to go after Harper a little harder. Harper is messing up real bad.

Blogging Horse said...

Thanks for the props, Ledaro!

But the critique of Layton is way off. Layton has voted against Harper more often than Dion or Duceppe.

In fact, one NDP MP has been doing the work of 9 Liberals and 18 Bloc MPs since the election! What are the other parties DOING in Ottawa??

LeDaro said...

Blogging Horse, let me explain to you. I am left of centre in my thinking. So I am closer to NDP than Liberals that way. However, I was very disappointed at Jack Layton when he brought down the Liberal government of Martin collaborating with Harper. In the process Kalona Accord and Atlantic Accords were killed. Also very good Liberal childcare program was gone and Harper flopped on Income Trusts as well. That is where my discomfort with NDP and Jack Layton lies.

Blogging Horse said...

The NDP didn't "bring down the Liberal government." The Canadian people did because of Liberal inaction and corruption.

After 13 years of doing next to nothing for Aboriginals, child care and climate change, while padding the pockets of their friends with the Sponsorship program, Liberals deserved to have been defeated.

But it wasn't the NDP or the Bloc or even the Conservatives in Ottawa who did it. It was Canadians in 308 ridings across the country.

Until they appreciate that, the Liberal Party will continue to be unfit for office.