Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What's around Stéphane Dion's neck? (Hint: it's not a green scarf)

Who remembers Christine Stewart? Anyone, anyone?

You know, the affable Liberal environment minister who represented Canada at the Kyoto negotiations in 1997?

Don't feel bad. A lot of people have forgotten, including the media. Unlike her successor David Anderson, she has gone largely undisturbed since leaving politics.

That is until today.

A rural Ontario reporter tracked her down and discovered that Stewart isn't at all shy about throwing some blame at her former cabinet colleagues for their failures to meet our Kyoto targets -- including "Fossil" Dion.

She notes Stéphane Dion was the federal/provincial minister at the time and he was against Kyoto. "When the prime minister only gets crap from everybody, why is he going to be supportive?" asks Stewart. Today, she sighs, Europe is "way ahead of us. Way ahead." - Northumberland Today

That's gunna hurt the Liberal talking-points.

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