Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another practical idea from Jack Layton

This is a pretty good idea.

It's a bit absurd to think that the federal government has the ability to receive your tax return electronically for free, but expects you to buy software to send it. Meanwhile, each year the paper forms cost Ottawa big bucks to print and ship.

Good analogy from Layton: “It’s as though 40 years ago they gave you the envelope but told you to go to Eaton’s to buy the paper forms.”

Just like the ban on ATM fees, this is another practical idea that only the NDP is bringing to the table. Can you imagine Stéphane Dion making the case for giving ordinary folks a break on tax software? Unlikely.

Besides, they are too busy griping about how they aren't in government anymore to worry about your problems.


Anonymous said...

Does this nitpicking win votes for the NDP ... does bitching about ATM fees win votes .. does attacking bank president's salaries and bonuses do anything for the credibility of the NDP to be considered a governing party??

If bank president's earnings are obscene, will Layton stand up a proclaim that multi-million $$$$$$ lottery winnings are also obscene and would be banned under a NDP government ???????

Blogging Horse said...

No one is attaking anyone's salary.

The NDP is calling attention to the fact that by 10am on January 2nd most CEOs have made more than the average Canadian will over the rest of the year. Meanwhile, ordinary people are working harder to get less.

Some people are doing well. So, why can't ordinary people get a break on their $49 tax software?