Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dion like Dinner: Harper Liberals to support budget

More proof today that the Liberal Party isn’t a safe place for Canadians who want to stop Stephen Harper, because so many Liberal MPs agree with him.

There is a growing contingent of Liberal MPs who think Harper's budget -- that included no national housing strategy, no national transit strategy, nothing for Employment Insurance, no $10 federal minimum wage, no plan to end student debt, and less than half of what was promised to help recognize foreign credentials -- is worth supporting.

Well known "Harper Liberal" Joe Comuzzi has said he'll be voting for the budget. Same goes for "Harper Liberal" Keith Martin who on one hand calls the budget "uninspiring" but stil says he plans to prop-up Harper.

Conclusions:1) the Harper Liberals are alive and well in the Liberal Party and are flexing their muscles in Dion's face; 2) an "uninspiring" Conservative budget is still more inspiring than a vacilating leader like Stéphane Dion.


Anonymous said...

Trouble for Dion!

Anonymous said...

Liberal Beast is no more .... Dion is viande morte in Quebec and the rest of Canada too .... !!!

Dan McKenzie said...

I heard that was an error with regards to Keith Martin.

Red Tory said...

Yep, it is an error.

Anonymous said...

Another Blogging Tory has premature ejaculation.

Seriously, you guys must buy Wet-Naps in bulk.

TorontoCrawler said...

nah nah nah nah... good bye... another Liberal MP (Joe Comuzzi) bites the dust!


As the ads say... Stephane Dion is NOT a leader!

TorontoCrawler said...


Blogging Horse said...

Keith Martin has repeatedly called for increased private delivery of health care.

He recently called on Harper to “allow people to purchase [health] services with their own money separate from the public system.” (National Post, 16 September 2006)

And he dismissed the Kyoto Accord as a “shell game” (Hansard, December 9, 2002)

So, is that vision now the mainstream of the Liberal party? Or is Keith Martin a Harper Liberal?

Oh, and as for "making wild extrapolations about discontent within the Liberal caucus" . . . um, have you checked on Joe Comuzzi lately?

Bill Richards said...
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Ahmed D. said...
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