Monday, March 12, 2007

Mulcair to be NDP's star candidate in Québec?

It looks as though the NDP may be on the verge of landing a huge star candidate in Québec. That's right -- QUÉBEC.

Wags are wagging at Thomas Mulcair, the former Liberal MNA for Chomedey who was seen today at a Québec speech given by Jack Layton.

The notion that the outspoken former Quebec environment minister might go NDP was given polite but doubtful speculation last fall when he gave an impassioned speech on the environment at the NDP's policy convention in Québec City. It got more serious when Mulcair refused to stand for re-election in this month's provincial election.

As the story notes, Mulcair was courted by the Conservatives, Bloc and Liberals as well. If Layton lands him, it will be a huge boost for the party in Québec and should make it easier for the NDP to recruit other credible candidates.

The bad news (as most bad news is these days) is for Dion. All the green scarves in the world don't appear to have plied the former environment minister. It also demonstrates the lingering post-Gomery weakness of the federal Liberals in the province.

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