Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seriously, it's not you ... it's them.

There is a good reason why Tom King is one of this country's most celebrated story-tellers.

When he and Jack Layton sat down with the Guelph Mercury editorial board King treated them to an example by characterizing the relatonship voters have with the Tories and Liberals:

King likened the relationship Canadians have with the two main political parties to a woman who had two boyfriends. Like the Conservatives and the Liberals, King said, both boyfriends were good at making promises, but they didn't follow through.
"Here in Canada I think it's time for a new relationship," King said. "We've had these promises. We've got the chocolate and the flowers. They pay attention to us at election time, but as soon as the election is over, we don't see them.
"We need a new relationship with someone who is a bit more steady."

Yup, King pretty much nailed it. After years of waiting by the phone for them to call back, maybe it's finally time to put all of Jean/Paul and Steve's mixed tapes and toothbrushes in a cardboard box and move on, Canada.
UPDATE: Some pretty great endorsements on King's site too, including Stephen Lewis, Shirley Douglas, and childrens' writer (and Guelph resident) Robert Munsch!

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