Friday, July 11, 2008

Gilles Duceppe could not be reached for comment

The last people surprised by the news that Basil Hargrove plans to run as a Dion Liberal (and in a fitting twist of fate rejoin his arch-nemesis Today’s Bob Rae), are New Democrats who have literally had decades to become accustomed to Hargrove’s legendary infidelity.

However, the party likely to be left reeling from this flagarent backstabbing is the last one Hargrove lent his endorsement to.

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Malcolm+ said...

I'm surprized that Basil would sully himself by standing for an open election. I always assumed he was expecting to be summoned to the Senate - in the unlikely event that his Liberal friends manage to stumble back to power before he turns 75.

Given the reports of staff intimidation and the denial of a secret ballot leading up to this week's executive endorsement for Basil's hand-picked successor as CAW president, one rather has the impression that Basil thinks himself above mere democracy.