Friday, August 8, 2008

Dion Liberals lose another

This just in: "Liberals Losing Candidates: Regina candidate added to list."

Gary Oledzki, who according to this article had already started campaigning before his abrupt volte face, follows close on the heels of Robert Morrissey who stepped down as the Grit candidate in the PEI riding held by Joe McGuire since about the time the earth started to cool.

So why are so many Liberal candidates choosing this week to take a pass on running with Team Dion?

Moncton MP Brian Murphy has a guess: "I'm not going to pretend that there is 100 per cent agreement among our electorate that The Green Shift is the best idea to ever come down the pike ... But when we're able to get through to people, there's acknowledgement that it's a thinking-man's position and it's a discussion issue."

Seems at least two Liberal candidates have decided they don't care to think about or discuss it any longer.

Meanwhile, Jack Layton promises $42 million in new investment, not new taxes, for Victoria transit from his cap and trade plan.


RP. said...

As an Egmont resident, I can say this will definitely be a very interesting race. Anecdotally, CPC candidate Gail Shea has attracted away a lot of traditional Liberal support here, and now that they don't even have a candidate, the field's wide open for her.

Malcolm+ said...

The Oledski resignation, combined with the mysterious hospitalization and virtual disappearance of Tory incumbent Dave Batters makes for a very interesting race in Palliser.

The NDP held Palliser from 1997 to 2004, narrowly losing to the Tories. In the last three elections, the Liberals have been a distant third, but have played a role in the race by falsely claiming to be the only alternative to the Harper Tories, thus stripping away NDP support and helping to elect a Tory MP.

(Honest people realize that "strategic" voting isn't about defeating Tories. It's about defeating New Democrats - even if it means electing more Tories.)

In any event, this creates an opening for NDP candidate and former Moose Jaw mayor Don Mitchell.

Scott Tribe said...

Oh c'mon RP. The Liberals won this riding by 23% last election? You seriously think that whoever runs in that riding is in trouble?

And I'm not surprised to see Horse issue the same sort of blog post that I'd expect to see from Ryan Sparrow.

Blogging Horse said...

That's right, Scott. Because anyone who would dare to criticise the "National Governing Party" (Patent Pending) for its deficiencies would HAVE to be a Tory.

By the way, someone should make sure Judge Gomery and Tom Axworthy have received their 2008 CPC membership renewals.