Monday, May 26, 2008

Why did he jump …

… when he should have been pushed?

First there were his flights of fancy.

Then his speaking of the unspoken corruption in Kandahar.

Then the “Hey Dude, where’s my C-17” gaffe

Then the still unexplained leak of a confidental diplomatic brief that put Canada in the eye of the US presidential election.

It was to the point that there were so many straws, one could barely see the camel.

Yet Bernier was amazingly allowed to collect his remaining dignity in a teaspoon by resigning over a “how did that get there?” revelation of more misplaced documents (or were they ones we’ve already heard of? Good question.)

A Prime Minister worthy of trust would have ended this farce long ago.

This would at least bring a gracious end to what will likely enter text books as the Frat Boy Era in Canadian foreign policy ... were it not for this guy.

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