Monday, May 12, 2008

As the world Turners

No one has ever accused Garth Turner - a man once skewered for trying to "out-Reform the Reform Party” when he was a Conservative MP, who now sits as a Liberal - of being a pie-in-the-sky optimist.

That fact may change with this outrageous prediction.

Get serious. The malaise within the party and the disaffection within the electorate concerning the Dion Liberals isn't likely to be wonked away by three months of Dion's flip-charts and PowerPoint presentations making the dour BBQ circuit even more unbearable across the land.

If Dion wants to snatch whatever credibility he has left, he could start by voting with the NDP on their non-confidence motion today -- the last chance (of many) to topple the Conservatives and cue a spring vote to end Harper's agenda.

Of course, that would require a more immediate expression of optimism on the part of Mr. Turner et al.

So ... er ... have a good summer, Garth.

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