Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Elizabeth May sacrifices Kyoto to appease a desperate Dion

Anyone who remains unconvinced that Elizabeth May takes her cues from the Office of the Leader if the Artificial Opposition should pay careful attention to this:

As has been discussed here and elsewhere, Stéphane Dion is ready to give Stephen Harper the mandate he wants in the coming Throne Speech votes. The Liberals are too weak and don't know what their values actually are.

Here’s the wrinkle though: yesterday’s Throne Speech included a very definitive statement that Kyoto is now dead. How can Dion support that? Well, it makes it a lot easier if Kyoto suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

That’s where Elizabeth May comes in . . . here, and here.

If it is written honestly, history will record Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper as those, who together by indifference or design, killed the Kyoto Protocol in Canada.

For her part, Elizabeth May will be remembered for having given Kyoto a hasty burial on national television.


Steve V said...

I have to agree with you here. When I heard May said she could live with the throne speech, I immediately thought this response was scripted, in consultation with the Liberals. It was a strange response on one level, but it did speak to a co-ordination.

janfromthebruce said...

I guess it means that eMay and Dion have changed their minds again, and want to work with the government.
Last spring May sancumoneously (sp) dismissed Layton for trying to clean up Harper's unclean air act, and than took credit for the book on that bill.
Now she says Kyoto is not worth it. Times sure are a changing.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! FWIW, I'd like to see Dion stand up fer principle an' vote against the SFTT.

Two things might pertinent. One, the idea that a SFTT is a confidence issue is completely without precedent. No government of Canada has ever fallen on the speech from the throne. The concept was set up as a pure brinksmanship ploy by Harper.

Two, no realistic person believes that we can meet the GHG reduction targets of Kyoto and what was in the SFTT is nothing different than what Harper has been saying since before he was elected. It's not a dramatic new stance that warrants a $300 million dollar unwanted election as a response.

THat said, if Lizzie figgers she's doin' Dion a favour by stavin' off an election, she's wrong. An election is Dion's only hope fer redemption. He looks weak, wimpy and uncharismatic. A stellar campaign could turn that around. Cavin' in to Harper only re-inforces the negative image.

How's Jack doin' with cleanin' up the Clean Air Act, btw? I ain't heard much about it lately. (No sanctimony intended.)


Lord of Wealth said...

May was rational on this issue. Harper claims in the throne speach he will take action on climate,and will place hard targets. If an election was called over the throne speach he could claim he was taking action and wear a green cloak while campaigning.

I believe May's point is until we see his legislation on the issue and debunk it he can claim the highground. With even an appearance of the highground Harper's spinners and money will be able to buy him a Majority.

The speach being ambiguous gives you nothing to fight against, when we see the real bill we'll have the ammuntion we need to fight.

Stop wasting your time bitching about May when Harper is the problem.

Blogging Horse said...

The Throne Speech says: "Canada’s emissions cannot be brought to the level required under the Kyoto Protocol within the compliance period, which begins on January 1, 2008, just 77 days from now."

There is no ambiguity at all. The speech says "it can't be done".

May's point in saying "we can swallow this" is to give Dion a permission slip to vote for Harper's agenda -- and against Kyoto.

Harper IS the problem. But so is Dion if he gives him a blank cheque by letting the throne speech pass.

JimBobby said...

The speech says "it can't be done".

Do you think it can be done? Does anyone?

Cliff said...

There are mechanisms in the Accord to follow it without hitting the targets on schedule, both financial though emmissions credit trading and through target adjustments.

All that's lacking is the political will.

Johner said...

jimbobby? Does anyone think it can be done?

Weeks ago -- days ago -- the Liberals staked everything on that claim. Witness their pathetic, breathless dance around C-288.

And now, without wiping that arrogant sneer from their collective face, they will pass a Throne Speech that pulls Canada from Kyoto round 1. Parliament disclaiming the targets does that -- it's the most substantive, if you like, moment in the Throne Speech.

The issue today is Liberal bullshit.