Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dion: I have a duty . . . to support Stephen Harper’s agenda

“If the throne speech is detrimental to Canadians, if it's not respecting the honour of our country, we will not be able to stand up and vote for it. There is no way.” – Stéphane Dion, CanWest News, 27 August 2007

So much for that kind of talk.

Stéphane Dion has given the Liberal Party’s endorsement to Stephen Harper’s Throne Speech.

He is going to give Harper a blank cheque to trash-can Kyoto, push forward the Afghanistan mission on his timeline and let the prosperity gap grow.

It’s a sad day for Canada, and a sadder day for the values that Liberals say they hold dear.

The most offensive part is that Dion has ordered his MPs to abandon their sworn duty to Canadians and not vote at all -- allowing the 125 Conservative MPs out number the 80 or so NDP and Bloc MPs to push forward their agenda.

If Dion thinks Canadians will be pleased with his new coalition with Stephen Harper, he's wrong -- yet again.

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