Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dion's Addiction: Liberals will support Harper's fiscal plan

Clearly Stephane Dion didn't read the warning label before he ordered his MPs to help Stephen Harper pass his Throne Speech last week ...

"WARNING: Propping up the Conservatives' Agenda can be Addictive."
Either that, or the patch isn’t working.

Because this seems soon, even for the Dion Liberals whose approach to opposition is the same as the guy without a parachute’s approach to sky-diving.

But it’s not that surprising really. Only a few weeks ago, Dion projected loudly and to the perfunctory and muted acclaim of Bay Street, that if the Liberal Party stood for anything, it stood for deeper tax cuts for profitable corporations.

While some (mostly life-long Liberals wondering what ever happened to their party) were confused, most everyone else saw the announcement for what it was: Dion’s cynical pre-positioning of his battered party to swallow whatever remains of their principles to vote in favour of Harper’s mini-budget.

And so it shall be.

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