Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mulcair’s victory claims its second victim

The most immediate victim of the NDP’s historic win in Outremont was Stephane Dion’s “think-alike” Jocelyn Coulon who Thomas Mulcair bested by 20% of the vote last week.

But the surprise second victim came today. Former astronaut and erstwhile star Liberal candidate Marc Garneau says he won’t be running for the federal Liberals in Quebec in any future election.

The beleaguered Liberal Party brand takes yet another hit that it couldn’t afford.


Lizt. said...

I read that Garneau said it was because Dion would not go for a nomination and had a hand-picked candidate, which did not go down well with Marc. Dion doe not need to do this. Is he trying to woo the Quebec voter, by doing this.. ? .....I think not!

jamie_nicholls said...

Garneau was a liability for the libs, thats why Dion didn't want him. In the 2006 election Garneau compared sovereignists to Iraqi insurgents. He would never live that down. it would be brought up again and again. Garneau tried to re-establish himself by supporting Quebec as a nation resolution of libs. It wouldn't have worked in the heat of an election. He would forever be known as the man who saw iraqi insurgents in sovereignists and threatened to leave Quebec if Quebec ever became sovereign. He didnt have political saavy.