Saturday, September 29, 2007

Liberals to duck confidence vote and keep Harper alive

The latest victim of the disastrous drubbing the Liberals took in last week’s federal by-elections in Quebec is their guts to stand up to Harper.

If the counsel of one of Dion’s few remaining supporters in caucus wins the day, the Liberals will abstain on mass from the vote on next month’s throne speech -- in effect, propping-up the Harper government.

Liberal MP Bryon Wilfert telegraphed the Liberals’ duck-and-cover strategy to CanWest News:

“Wilfert proposes an unusual tactic of partial abstention by the Liberals if they have the deciding vote among the opposition parties on a confidence motion over the government’s Oct. 16 speech from the throne. ‘We could register our displeasure without bringing down the government,’ he said.”

The only reason Wilfert gives for denying Canadians the chance to judge the Harper government? The Liberals don’t have “the winning conditions.” News flash for Wilfert: there won’t be any winning conditions while Dion’s leadership is so weak and your party continues to stand for nothing.

The Liberals plan to put themselves before the country. It’s becoming tougher to appear surprised.

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Chet Scoville said...

This is really pissing me off. Harper's got the weakest minority government ever, yet he's essentially getting to do anything he wants.