Thursday, May 3, 2007

Layton propping up Harper? Try Again. Liberals have voted with Harper twice as often!

Liberals are in love with the line: “the NDP is voting with Harper / the NDP is propping-up Harper.”

They repeat it so often and with such stern-faced vehemence that it has started showing up un-challenged in mainstream media and from the Liberal spokesperson who runs the Green Party.

Imagine then discovering that not only is the Liberals’ line on the NDP voting with Harper unreservedly, unabashedly, and without reservation bogus, but that what is true is that the Liberals have voted with Harper twice as often as the NDP!

A memo has shown up in the in-boxes of a few bloggers – appearing to originate with the NDP research office – that analyses the votes of Layton, Dion and Harper in some detail. Here are the facts:

Since becoming leader, Dion has voted with Harper for 60% of votes.

Layton on the other hand has voted with Harper for only 31% of votes, opposing him the other 69% of the time.

So once more Liberals are resorting to flat-out lies to attack the NDP and mask their true colours -- Conservative blue.


janfromthebruce said...

Dead Horse, don't be so hard on the liberals and their new green side kick; Maybe they can't count.

Now follow with me - 1,2,3...60. See I know they can do it, if they really, really, really try!

Jim said...

Keep up the good work Dead Horse!